Do you struggle to make the big decisions?

Do you put off decisions again and again because it’s too difficult, and in the end just forget all about it?

I found this excellent blog by Craig Jarrow I thought you might all be interested to any budding entrepreneurs.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Decisions

Waiting to Make Decisions Leads to Missed Opportunities

How long to do you take to make decisions?

If you are like many people, you might ponder a decision until it becomes more of a burden than a choice. And by repeatedly putting it off, you create more stress and work for yourself.

Sometimes, you may even over analyze and wait so long on a decision that it is made for you.

What decision have you been putting off because you have been overthinking?

Overthinking is Procrastination

Overthinking decisions leads to delays.

Too many people operate from this “no action and wait” decision stance.

In fact, waiting or procrastinating is a decision in itself. (And you may find yourself without a choice, after all.

Here Are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Decisions:

  1. Overplanning is Procrastination – Put simply, you can ponder and lay out options into infinity. Don’t overplan to the point that you are delaying action.
  2. There Will Always Be More Information – This is paralysis by analysis. Make a decision when you have adequate information. If you are always waiting for “one more piece of data” you will never make a decision.
  3. There Will Not Be a Better Time – “Now isn’t a good time” isn’t a valid excuse for not making a decision. Life doesn’t magically align the planets to provide “perfect times,” there is just time.
  4. A Good Decision Beats a Perfect One – Just as there is never a perfect time, there is also never a perfect decision. In fact, a good decision now, will always beat waiting for a perfect decision later. Waiting for a better option often leads to missed opportunities.
  5. You Can Change Your Mind – Too often, people hesitate to decide because they are afraid of making the “wrong” choice. Yet, there are very few decisions in life that are permanent. You can change your decision later it if makes sense.

Don’t Overthink It, Do It

Many people spend their entire lives putting off decisions.

To be more productive, and effective, you have to be willing to make the choices.

Some decisions are easy, and others are hard.

Yet, they are your choices, so make them while you still have the chance