Dragon Coworking was founded in 2017 at the St George Hotel, Rochester. The space was originally an office back in the 1970’s, then a line dancing club to a space used to build wiring looms for Harrier Jump Jets and F1 cars.

In 2020, the space grew from 10 hotdesks and 7 offices to 30 hotdesks and 24 offices.

The extended area was built in an old Masonic temple, hence why we called it The Dragons Temple. We are continuously expanding and developing our space to create a comfortable and professional environment for our friendly and supportive community.

Our Vision

The vision for the future of Dragon Coworking is to expand our space to accommodate even more freelancers, agile workers and business owners.

We are continuing to grow and perfect our membership, along with finding new and exciting ways to bring our community and develop and introduce new features to our facilities.

Our Mission

To provide a ‘happy place’ for people and businesses who want the best out of their working day. To build a friendly community where businesses collaborate and slay the day together, without feeling like they are at work. To truly make a difference to the working day.

our Team

Roland Stanley

Roland Stanley is the Owner and Founder of Dragon Coworking. Roland is a visionary when it comes to developing his Medway-based coworking space. Creating a positive community spirit is at the heart of what Dragon is all about, and that’s why Roland continues to create new and innovative ways to improve memberships, facilities and the community spirit at Dragon.


Kim Hawkins is the Community Manager at Dragon Coworking. Kim is your go-to person for all things memberships, facilities and Dragon queries. Kim is our equivalent to the fairy-godmother. When an event is due to begin, the space magically becomes filled with cold drinks, hot food and everything all set up, ready for the festivities to begin. It’s a pleasure to have Kim as part of the Dragon team.

Molly Wright

Molly Wright is the Head of Marketing of Vibe at Dragon Coworking. She is the enthusiasm behind the Dragon Coworking marketing, creating all the marketing materials, providing behind the scenes footage of the space and even making members skip to trending audio. It’s a lot of fun getting into the marketing world of Molly.

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