‘We’ve invested in a cool, funky, modern, industrial, open space designed specifically for young, creative and innovative businesses in Kent. It’s not just a workspace it’s a creative community where the coworking businesses will collaborate, communicate and help build each other’s businesses up.’

With astroturf flooring, bean bags, stand up desks, river views, creative whiteboards and barista style coffees and teas this coworking space will make working in an open office space affordable and a pleasure (prices start from as little as £20 per month).

Dragon Coworking offers free parking on-site, draught beers, creative and community events, hot desk facilities plus a limited number of fixed offices and desks available to rent.

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Created by Clockwork Moggy for Dragon CoWorking


Together we can do so much more than we can on our own. We are passionate about all our members, and our mission is to inspire & connect everyone.


Freelancers- Get away from the dining room table.

Start-up’s & first timers- Big things always start small!

Entrepreneurs- Invigorate your innovative spirit in a positive, go-getting, connected environment.

Lone workers- when your cats your coworker its time to move on

Established business- Looking for space away from the distractions of the office.

Anyone who wants to be inspired

How it started

It just started with a big space and an idea to connect, help and enthuse people to work better, together!

My passion has always been about helping others achieve their dream of working the way they want and connecting people to each other, so the idea of opening a Coworking space is something that genuinely excites me. This area is not about dull grey offices with compulsory tie waring; it is about being free to work the way you want to and having others around you to help build your vision by bouncing ideas around and making genuine friendships within the community.

As more and more people want to start working for themselves as freelances, entrepreneur’s, start-ups I aim to be there to help the coworkers of Kent succeed and build a better life for them and their families.

Our Beliefs

BETTER TOGETHER – Humans greatest achievement’s always come through working together. We cant do it alone.

POSITIVITY IS THE ANSWER – Don’t let anything or anyone drag you down if you woke up this morning still breathing it is already a great day.

NEVER GIVE UP – No never! When you are almost at the point of throwing in the towel, the community will be there for you

BE ENTREPRENEUR’S – Create, challenge and try new ideas, never be afraid of failure. Failure is just a learning process.

CONNECT – Connections are everything, you never know where a simple conversation with a stranger will take you.

BE GENUINE – We try to be open and honest at all times, nothing is ever perfect and can always be improved. We genuinely want to help everyone in our community.