Our Community

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Dragon Coworking. Without our community, Dragon wouldn’t be the amazing space it is.

Something not written in our membership is the friendships that are made and the memories are created together both inside and outside of Dragon.

Since we started Dragon Coworking, we have seen many friendships and collaborations develop. From attending each other’s weddings to merging companies. We’re very fortunate to have a wonderful community at Dragon and to see this community grow and flourish year on year

Want to know some of our success stories? Read some of our experiences here.


Director of Accounting Connections Limited, Natalie Pieri joined Dragon Coworking in September 2017 in one of our medium office’s with one employee. Fast forward to present times, Natalie is now in our large office in Dragon Original with six employees. Reflecting on her time at Dragon Coworking, Natalie shares, “There is a real sense of belonging within the community. Even though we are a team of six, we feel like we are a part of a bigger community”.

“One of my favourite memories at Dragon are the parties we’ve had here, such as the celebration of my upcoming wedding. The members and I had so much fun!”.

ORCHARD EMPLOYMENT LAW | Jemma Fairclough-Haines

Director of Orchard Employment Law, Jemma Fairclough-Haines joined Dragon Coworking in February 2018 in one of our medium sized offices with one employee. Jemma now resides in her large office in Dragon Temple with her team, which has now expanded to six employees. Jemma shares her Dragon experience ; “Working at Dragon Coworking has so many benefits. I feel comfortable showing my clients around the space and they all comment how professional it is. I also receive a wealth of knowledge from other members, it’s like networking everyday without the pressure of networking.

“One of my favourite memories here was when we all had our faces painted to celebrate England’s semi-final match. There’s always a lovely atmosphere throughout the space”.

CLOCKWORK MOGGY | Carrie stay & Neil Dickson

Director of Clockwork Moggy, Carrie Stay and Neil Dickson were two of the first few members to join us from our first day in 2017. Starting in a medium office in Dragon Original, the Moggy’s are now based in Dragon Temple in our larger office as a team of four. As long term members, Carrie and Neil have seen the many changes that have taken place at Dragon and joined in on a lot of the celebrations. Carrie shares, “I love coming into work in the morning knowing I’m going to see members that have been friends of mine for years. The team and I enjoy getting involved in all the events, such as taking part in the Christmas Door and Pumpkin competitions, baking days, and Neil enjoys playing Beginner’s Golf.
“One of our favourite memories was our 10 year anniversary celebration, that’s an event many of us won’t forget anytime soon, what a brilliant night!”.
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