Private Offices at Dragon Coworking

We are currently at full capacity in our private spaces and Dragon pods, however, if you are interested in a space, simply email us what you require and we will add you to our waiting list.

A Personal Haven for Focus and Productivity

Welcome to the private office spaces at Dragon Coworking, where we blend comfort, functionality, and privacy to create the perfect environment for your business. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a dynamic duo, or a growing team, our range of private offices are designed to suit your unique needs. Experience the benefits of a personal workspace combined with the vibrant community and amenities of Dragon Coworking.

24 offices based at Dragon accommodating between one to six people in each office.

Part-Time Offices: Your Private Space To Work Without The Price Tag

If you don’t have the time (or finances!) to commit to a full-time office but want to enjoy the perks of having your own space to work in, our Part-Time office is the best fit for you. Includes the privileges of a Dragon membership plus the joy of social interaction with the comfort of a private space. Your membership includes one day a week in your own space. Need extra days? no problem, add extra days for £30 each.

Available for £145 per month.

Day Passes

If you want the Dragon experience but are not ready to commit to a full membership, a Dragon Day pass is the best option for you.

   Desk for a Day is £30       Office for a Day is £45

A Prestigious Address for Your Business

In today’s dynamic business world, having a professional image is crucial, but not every business needs a physical office space. At Dragon Coworking, we offer the perfect solution with our Virtual Offices and Mailboxes service. Ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses, our virtual office services provide you with a prestigious business address, privacy for your home address, and the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

Virtual Office and Mailbox Service is £28 per month.

Small Offices: Perfect for the Individual Professional

Our small offices are tailor-made for individuals who need a dedicated space to concentrate and thrive. These compact yet comfortable offices are equipped with high-quality desks, comfortable office chair, monitor, keyboard, under desk storage and reliable Wi-Fi, ensuring you have everything you need to work efficiently and comfortably.

A private, lockable office space

High-quality desk and ergonomic chair.

High-speed Wi-Fi connection.​
Access to communal areas and facilities.​
Access to Zoom rooms, meeting rooms and event spaces.​
(extra charges may apply).

Medium Offices: Ideal for Collaboration

Space to Grow and Collaborate

Designed for two to four people, our medium offices offer the perfect balance between privacy and accessibility. These spaces are excellent for partners or small teams, providing a professional setting for internal meetings, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative projects.

Spacious desk area with comfortable seating.​
Private, lockable office space.​
Ideal for meetings and collaborative work​
Access to all Dragon Coworking amenities and services.​

Large Offices: For Teams and Projects

Room to Expand and Innovate

Our large offices are best suited for teams of four or more, offering ample space to work together effectively. These offices are fully equipped with spacious desk areas, comfortable seating, and great lighting, creating an ideal environment for creativity and teamwork.

Large, open-plan office space for teams.​
Fully equipped with desks and chairs.​
Excellent lighting and a comfortable working environment.​
Access to meeting rooms and Dragon Coworking community events.​

Why Choose a Private Office at Dragon Coworking?

  • Privacy and Focus: Enjoy the privacy of your own space with the benefits of a coworking community.
  • Flexibility: Choose an office size that suits your current needs, with the option to scale up as your team grows.
  • Amenities: High-speed internet, kitchen facilities, and access to meeting rooms included.
  • Community and Networking: Be part of a vibrant community of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Discover Your Ideal Workspace

Explore our range of private offices and find the space that's right for you and your team. Contact us to book a tour and see how Dragon Coworking can support your business's growth and success.

Discover Your Ideal Workspace

Explore our range of private offices and find the space that's right for you and your team. Contact us to book a tour and see how Dragon Coworking can support your business's growth and success.
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