Meeting Rooms at Dragon Coworking

A fully functional space to successfully host your meetings.

At Dragon Coworking, we understand the importance of having the right environment for your meetings, whether it’s for brainstorming sessions, client pitches, or quiet contemplation. Our range of specially designed meeting rooms offers the perfect setting for every need, combining functionality with comfort. Discover the ideal space to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and ensure privacy for all your professional gatherings.

Dragons Den:The Executive Suite

Where Ideas Meet Innovation in a High-Tech Setting

Need a high-tech, fully equipped meeting room to host your professional meetings
and online calls?

The Dragons Den meeting room includes a full-wall wipe board to draw all your business plans on.
A large screen with multiple USB ports and a high-quality webcam.

Perfect for up to six people, we also provide barista-style coffee with a variety of teas.

Non Members: £17 per hour or £80 for the day.
Members:         £12 per hour or £70 for the day.

A large screen with multiple USB ports and a high-definition webcam.
Full-wall wipe board for brainstorming and strategy sessions.
Comfortably accommodates up to six people
Barista-style coffee and a variety of teas provided.

The Nest: The Zen Meeting Space

A Tranquil Haven for Thoughtful Deliberation and Relaxation

A comfortable and casual meeting room that is fully equipped with a screen and USB portal,
cosy seating and mood lighting.

This is a great space for meetings for up to four people. Need some quiet time?

The Nest is also used by our members for meditation, reflection and religious observance.

Non Members: £10 per hour or £50 for the day.
Members:            £5 per hour or £25 for the day.

Cosy seating and mood lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.
Screen and USB portal for presentations.
Ideal for meditation, reflection, and religious observance.

Media Room: The Soundstage for Creatives

Elevate Your Audio Projects in Our State-of-the-Art Studio

Do you host a regular podcast or want to start a new project? If you need to record material that requires using high-quality sound equipment in a quiet space, the Media Room is the best place for you.

Includes high-quality microphones and mixer control in a fully sound deadened room.

Non Members: £10 per hour or £50 for the day.
Members:            £5 per hour or £25 for the day.

High-quality microphones and mixer control.
Fully soundproofed room for pristine audio recording.

Event Space Hire: A versatile gathering ground

Unleash your event's potential in our adaptable space

If you’re looking for a space over the weekend for up to 50 people to host an event, we’ve got the space for you.

Hire out Dragon Original on a weeknight from 6:00pm and on the weekend for just £250 for four hours. Accommodates up to 50 people and includes free on-site parking and unlimited tea and coffee.

Why meet at Dragon Coworking ?

  • Versatility: Our diverse range of meeting rooms can accommodate any type of meeting, from high-stakes pitches to creative brainstorming sessions.

  • Technology-Enabled: Equipped with the latest technology to ensure seamless presentations and communications.

  • Environments: Each space is designed to stimulate creativity and productivity, from soundproofed studios to executive suites.

  • Supportive Amenities: Access to high-speed internet, state-of-the-art equipment, and gourmet refreshments to keep your team energised.

Ready to Elevate Your Meetings?

Elevate your next meeting by booking a space designed with your success in mind. Contact us today to find the perfect setting for your needs, and experience the Dragon Coworking difference.
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