Can being distracted at work actually be a good thing for your own wellbeing and for the growth of your business?

Could it be that working at home on your own where you think you will be locked away from outside influences is actually the most distracting place of all?

When I opened the doors to Dragon Coworking in 2017 one of many things I was worried about was the protocol for coworkers interacting with others. I worried that if I did not have some sort of policy in place some coworkers would constantly disturb and disrupt others causing them to get fed up and leave.

Phones going off, laughter, cappuccinos being made and even some lively discussions between coworkers were all going to happen, but how would people react and what would their expectations be? The key word here is expectations.

From the start we set the expectation that it was not a library, it was a place of interactions and communicating somewhere to come and be with others. The very principle of a Coworking space!

When you work in a Coworking space you will be distracted on a regular basis but this will usually be for a positive reason such as asking for your opinion on a new product or can your business help me.

Working at home Vs Coworking  Distractions


  • Tempting TV shows such as loose women and Jeremy Kyle
  • Dogs and cats that crave attention
  • Washing to put out.
  • Neighbour pops around for a natter about Emmerdale
  • Nip to the shops
  • Kids coming in and out all the time.


  • Coworkers wanting talk about your business
  • Coffee breaks with uplifting chats
  • Lively conversation about the day’s events
  • Natural networking every day