Carrie Stay, Clockwork Moggy

Carrie Stay, Clockwork Moggy

Where would you normally work?

Before working from Dragon Coworking, we worked from home. But as our business grew, we needed office space for extra team members and somewhere to welcome our clients to. Not only does the space look amazing but it has a fantastic atmosphere too. The other businesses and people who work from Dragon Coworking are friendly and always willing to help each other out. It is very supportive and not to mention the ‘Treat Days’ put on for members are a real perk!

Why did you choose to work from Dragon Coworking?

Since working from Dragon Coworking, we have grown and required a larger office space. As soon as an office space became available, we jumped at it straight away. It would be tough to find somewhere more fitting! We have collaborated with other businesses on several occasions and become part of a great community.

How has working at Dragon Coworking helped your life?

It has helped us to grow our business by making collaborations and working friendships. We have helped other businesses within Dragon Coworking as they have helped us in return. Our clients are always happy to come in for meetings and always comment on how nice it is. With the barista coffees, we are also able to offer our clients a professional setting with the luxury amenities.

What’s your favourite part of Dragon Coworking?

It’s difficult to mention one thing, but I would say the above and beyond service from the owner, Roland Stanley. He really does help with making sure members are happy and helps us to build our businesses by putting on events, whether our own events or networking events. We also have a member’s breakfast club where we turn up an hour before work starts and Roland puts on a whole range of cereal, croissants, pastries for us all to enjoy. What more could you want?