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Enter The Dragon: 5 Benefits Of Coworking

Once one of the best-kept secrets of freelancers and small start-ups, coworking spaces are now in big demand by high-growth companies – and even large enterprises – and (luckily for us!) that demand doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

As traditional office spaces become more expensive, and as the way we do business changes, the technology we use has evolved, giving us more flexibility – not just in how we work – but where we work. The advent of things like Zoom, faster internet connections, and the fact that we can communicate with each other, at any time of the day or night, all over the world, has seen many businesses start to shun expensive, traditional office set-ups, in favour of the more flexible and economical coworking space. 

Enter: Covid-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this and has seen an increase in the need for coworking spaces. The temporary necessity for working from home has led to more and more companies realising that costs can be cut by giving up their leases on whole office buildings and switching to the use of co-working spaces for their employees.

But why?

Financial freedom and flexibility?

The opportunity to only pay for space as and when you need it?

Free tea and coffee? (And not the cheap, nasty stuff either!)

Coworking has, in effect, become the workplace equivalent of an Airbnb, allowing all types of businesses to ‘pay as they go’, and make changes to the size of their team and the space that they need accordingly….

….and the concept has taken off like a legendary winged-beast.

Dragon Coworking has taken a look at some of the top benefits of coworking, and how shared office space is the future for companies big and small in all types of industry.

1.Coworking Spaces Increase Productivity

If you’ve ever worked from home, you’ll know how frighteningly easy it is to get distracted. It’s largely about mindset, but it’s also about all those annoying (yet lovely) people that you live with.

Even with your own home office, hearing other family members going about their day, the kids arguing, playing, or constantly popping in to ask questions, can mean that you’re stopping what you’re doing a lot more than you would if you were working out of the house.

So you tell everyone to leave you alone and let you get on – you’re working!

And now the dog’s barking.

And the cat needs to be let out.

Oh, there’s someone at the door.

The post’s just arrived….

….and the one episode of that Netflix show you like that you decided to watch on your ‘lunch break’ has turned into three.

Might as well abandon the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

Before you know it you’re working hard on a Sunday evening, desperately trying to catch up on what you should have finished in the week.

Now, imagine how much more difficult it is if you don’t have a home office, and are trying to work at the kitchen table or on the sofa!

Statistics show us that a whopping 69% of office workers say they’re more productive when they work in an office environment out of the home – and it’s not really a surprise.

Working in a neutral space, surrounded by other working professionals – even if they work for a different company – definitely affects motivation and productivity, as well as giving a sense of community and contributing to a ‘work mode’ mindset.  

And it’s not necessarily that being completely distraction-less will lead to more productivity…it’s more about who is providing those distractions, and what they are…

For every worker who works best alone in a dark, sound-proof room, there are two who feel more motivated and productive when they are working surrounded by others – and I don’t mean that these are the people who actually love being hounded by the kids, the dog, the neighbour and the postman!

They are, in fact, the 75% – 90% of workers who said that the personal connections and friendships they made at work made them happier and more productive. These are the people who want to have like-minded people to speak to on their breaks, or even during the work day – those who are fuelled and more productive when they are in a busy, bustling work environment, rather than shut in a quiet office.

Coworking offers that strong sense of belonging that comes with a work environment – particularly beneficial to those who want to foster workplace relationships, but ordinarily work alone/freelance, rather than as part of a team.

2.Coworking Can Lead To Networking Opportunities

Anyone who’s anyone in business, understands the importance of networking; and working in a shared space with people in other industries (or even those in the same industry) can lead to new business or collaborations that you might not normally have access to.

Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or working for a huge corporation, getting yourself ‘out there’ is essential in building a successful business. Thankfully, we now live in a digital world where the internet is king, making it easy to reach anyone, anywhere in the world, whenever we like.

That’s all very well and good, but constantly communicating in this way can feel very impersonal – not to mention quite isolating. Coworking provides you the opportunity to improve your networking circle – just by going to work.

Over time, these like-minded people you’ll find yourself working side-by-side with each day, could become excellent contacts, suppliers, clients, sounding-boards, and friends…

3.Coworking Gives You Flexibility And Saves You Money

If you work freelance, chances are you’re never guaranteed what your working hours are going to be from one month to the next. The beauty of coworking spaces is that you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it.

And it’s not just a benefit for small-scale businesses.

This type of flexibility and cost-effectiveness is also crucial for faster-growing or larger companies, giving you the opportunity to expand your team or relocate when needed – without having the pressure of a long-term lease.

Imagine that your team has outgrown a traditional office…now you have to wait for your lease to expire, find a new location and premises, redecorate, get everything moved….all to make space for a few new employees….MUCH easier to simply hire the office space next door to where you’re coworking!

Similarly, if you need to downsize, you can simply move into a smaller space – a flexibility you wouldn’t have if you’re working in a traditional office space.

Whether your business is big or small, sizing up or sizing down, occupying a shared working space saves on costs such as office furniture, WiFI, electrical work…..even tea and coffee! All of these and more are expensive add-ons in a traditional office, but are all part of the package when it comes to coworking spaces.

4.Coworking Offers Whatever Type Of Space You Need

If you’ve ever worked in an office where the staff lunchroom gets cleared out whenever clients come in for a meeting (and you have to keep your fingers crossed no one’s just been in there eating tuna), or the stationary cupboard is doubling as a makeshift conference room – this one’s for you.

Coworking gives you a range of workplace settings to choose from, depending on your needs. Maybe you literally just need a desk…or perhaps a quiet office room; coworking means you can rent any type of workspace, from a private room to make a phone call, to a fully-equipped meeting room to brief your team.

At Dragon Coworking we understand how important your environment is when it comes to getting the best out of yourself and others, which is why we’ve created a creative, contemporary space for coworking; marrying natural materials, neutral, calming shades, and splashes of nature for a fresh and inviting look that aims to inspire.

5.Coworking Helps With Work-Life Balance

If you’re a freelancer working from home, you know only too well how difficult it can be to maintain a work-life balance…

Aside from the distractions that go hand-in-hand with working from home that we’ve already covered, there are other things to consider. Having a dedicated place to ‘go to’ to work, rather than just getting on with it at home makes it easier to have a productive work schedule – and where you’re not going to be stopping in half an hour to load the dishwasher or run the vacuum round.

Working in an environment with other professionals – even if they’re not in the same business as you – gives you an opportunity to brainstorm, gather different opinions, and be inspired by the creativity and productivity of others.

Much better than consulting with your three-year-old or bouncing your ideas off the dog!

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