Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Coworkers

By electronically signing this community agreement below you and your company are entering into a legally binding agreement. Please read the agreement carefully before signing. 

Community Pact

You agree to be part of a growing community of highly motivated, free-thinking individuals, so the last thing we want is to tie you up of lots of red tapes but we do have a few ground rules in place to help us all get along.

Being human

Be kind and polite to each other every day.

If someone’s having a bad day make them a cup of tea.

Hot desks are unreserved and on a first come first served basis 

Swearing and raised voices are a no-no.

Everyone is equal and should be treated with respect.


No food in the desk areas

All mugs dirty mugs must be returned to the dishwasher after use. The dishwasher is not self-filling/emptying; please take your turn and don’t leave it in the sink.

Keep your work area clean and tidy and throw your rubbish away every day recycling where possible.


Guests are welcome but are not allowed to work from any desks space  (maximum 2 in public areas)

Private offices are allowed meeting in their own offices. 

Guests are allowed for a maximum of 1 hour and must sign in at reception and wear a guest pass at all times.

Meetings should be held in a community area.

Phones & music

You may use a phone from your desk but be aware of others around you and keep the volume down. If your too loud take it outside or use the phone booth . Speakerphones are not allowed.

Music is great to work to but headphones only and keep the volume down.

Meeting room

The meeting room is available 7am-8pm for up to 4 people, you can book time in this room on the calendar outside the door according to your weekly allowance.


Onsite parking is never guaranteed and is on a first come first served basis. We have two car parks available. You are responsible for entering your number plate every day at the the hotel reception. You can only use the car park when using Dragon coworking. No overnight parking.

Please use the Gundulph Road carpark only

Office Etiquette

Offices are an important part of our community but at time require privacy, if the door is open feel free to knock and chat, if it’s closed, please do not disturb.


Do not let anyone into the coworking space without a key card or who are not guests with a guest pass. 

Passes/ID must be worn at all times.

Report any suspicious activity to the reception.

Lost key cards must be reported straight away via email so they can be deactivated.

Replacement key cards are charged at £10 each


Well behaved and sociable dogs are welcome to come into the coworking space (1 per owner) The dog is the responsibility of the owner at all times, and in the event of an accident you must clean up afterwards.

Social Media

All members are encouraged to promote and talk about the community on social media. 

All post mentioning the community or any member must contain positive, appropriate and respectful content. 

Terms & Conditions

The first payment is due on the signing of this agreement and will require a direct debit to be set up. Payments will then be taken at monthly intervals on the monthly anniversary.

To cancel your membership, you must give a minimum of 7 days notice before the monthly anniversary date.

All printing costs, phone billing etc. will be added to your next bill. 

Failure to pay will result in keys being deactivated without notice. 

Unused weekly allowances do not roll over and are not refundable

Your membership can be cancelled at any time without notice or reason by Dragon Coworking Ltd

Dragon Coworking takes no responsibility for any items in the office or coworking space; You are strongly advised to take out your own insurance.

As a community we cannot toleration unacceptable or any antisocial behaviour including verbal or physical abuse, intimidation or inappropriate behaviour ANYONE breaking this rule will be asked to leave the community.

Dragon Coworking will close Christmas day, Boxing day & New Years Day 

Hours during 23rd December – 2 January are restricted.

Health & Safety


In the event of discovering a fire activate the fire alarm by pushing the call point next to either of the emergency exits. 

The fire alarm is an audible signal.

If you feel able to tackle, the fire extinguishers are sited by each emergency exit.

Never put yourself at risk. 

Make your way quickly to the assembly point via the quickest route leaving all personal possessions behind.  

The assembly points are the front of the hotel or Gundulph Road    

We advise you familiarise yourself with escape routes, fire extinguisher use and call points on your first day in the community.  


All spills of liquid must be urgently cleaned up.

Use the spills kit in the kitchen to clear up the spill. 

Use the yellow warning sign to warn others of a potentially slippery surface. 

Do not stretch extension leads across walkways. 

Keep walkways free of bags and other trip hazards.

First Aid

First aid kit is located in the kitchen along with plaster for small cuts.

An accident book is also available

In the event of a major accident call 999 and ask for the hotel first aider.

Privacy & Your Data 

Your privacy and data security are very important to us. We look after all your personal details and never sell or pass them on. For full details see our Privacy policy 

Report any damage or maintenance issues to r[email protected]