Andrea Barker Confidence Coach

Confidence is and inside job

Confidence Coaching and Hypnotherapy

I work with a range of clients, with differing issues, from different walks of life, and ages from 8 years upwards, helping them feel so much better about themselves, feeling in control, and overcoming things they thought they had to live with, like anxiety / stress and phobias, or low self-confidence, holding them back, and leaving them feeling unhappy.
I have many different methods and techniques that can be used, that I gained over very many years of working with clients, and patients. Importantly we work together to find what works and fits, to empower the client to be able to move forward.
I work in a ‘client centred’ way, which is about things being led by the client, at their pace, finding what works, whilst being gently guided and challenged by me. This sometimes includes using Hypnotherapy, which is very relaxing and highly effective.
I also use what is called a ‘solution focused’ approach, which is about using a variety of tools and techniques, and the clients’ own amazing imagination and creativity, to find the right solutions, that fit for them, and is about finding solutions rather than dwelling on the issue or problem.
We explore how our amazing minds work, how powerful our imagination and creativity is. It is so interesting, and gaining understanding leads to profound changes.
I am passionate about what I do, and it is about the client feeling better about themselves, being who they are, only the best version they can be, to reach their full potential – confidently.

Andrea Barker

Confidence Coach and Cliinical hypnotherapist

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