Almost definitely, positively yes! Coworking is all about working as a community and helping each other achieve great things. Still, have doubts come for a tour 

 We have all been in that pub where the locals heads spin round as you come in the door!! Well, it's nothing like that. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming.  We have business owners, freelancers, employees and charity workers using the space. All of them are really positive and love to say hi to the newbie. 


Hey, that's no problem. If you're on a hot desk you can jump into a booth or book a zoom pod for a bit of privacy or how about a day office if you have a full-on day. 

 Sound 101 for hot desks 

Yes. It is! We have a 1GB lease line with a fibre backup just in case. The system is also compliant with every VPN known to man. 

Certainly, but we do have some restrictions.

Here is our Sound 101 for coworkers, so everyone knows the score. 

FYI we have phone booths and meeting pods available for all those calls.  

Meetings must be held away from desks with a maximum of 2 guests for a maximum of 1 hour per day. Anything above this, please book the meeting room. 

No way, we have a bean to cup machine with fresh milk frothing to supply 24 different barista-style coffees, and its all included in your membership.

We even have syrups so you can have your fave vanilla latte. 

Yes, we can supply VoIP phones with a dedicated number, when you leave us, you can take it with you.

You can work all night with certain packages but if you want a sleep, you’ll want to get a hotel room. 10% off hotel rates for out community.

Sorry, but one membership per person is required.


Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year’s day. Between Christmas and new year, we only open 10am – 4pm.

Yes, its free but its on a first come first serve basis, you must register daily for a parking permit at reception. Parking is only allowed in our Gundulph Road car park, not the St George Hotel car park

Yes we have bike racks too.

Small, lovable pooches are welcome but leave the tiger at home.

Yes, if you have a mailbox added to your package.

Yes, we can but with the restriction that a maximum of 4 of your members of staff at a time. Email us for more details.

No, your plan does have to start straight away.

Yes, Scanning is free and printing is charged on a monthly bill. 

We use an app called ezeep that allows you to print & copy from most Macs, P.C’s and phones.

Once you're signed up for Dragon, just ask to be registered.  

Sorry, but no rollovers.

Contracts & Payments

We don’t do complicated contracts or rules, we have short T & C’s and out community pact. All desks are on a monthly contract, just let us know by 25th of the month if you wish to leave.

Not at all, again short T & C’s and a community pact. Offices are all on a 60 day rolling contract.

Payments are made via direct debit and usually come out about the 8th of the month. 

No all payments are online.

We are currently not V.A.T elected

Lets go

Brilliant, you can either jump on in and sign up here or drop us a message. 

Yes you do, but its no problem, book a tour here