Join us for a great day of fun and excitement.

This is the ‘flagship’ charity event for the Medway Sunlight Rotary Club and one that everybody involved in really enjoys. It is held on the Whitsun Bank Holiday Sunday in May and races run throughout the day over a short course of 250 Metres of Basin No 2 in Chatham Maritime. The Dragon boats are forty foot long, elaborately decorated, Chinese war canoes with a dragon’s head and tail attached. You provide 16 “volunteers” to paddle a boat plus a drummer to beat out the rhythm for everyone to paddle to (which everyone tends to ignore!).

The event is also part of the food and drink festival so a few drinks and loads to eat will also be the order of the day.

Team t-shirt is also included

We are also asking everyone to sell a minimum of 15 books of raffle tickets for the event.

This is a members-only event, but if all the places are not filled by 1st May it will be opened up to all our friends too.