Do you find that your energy starts to drop after lunch?
Would you agree that your energy is directly linked to how well you can perform?
How much more productive could you be if you were truly ‘on point’ for the second half of the day?

Come along to our event and learn how to maximise your daily potential so you can take your business to the next level.
In this session, we have got the best people on board to feed, educate and focus you including Dan Knowlton an international speaker who will be sharing his top tips on how to stand out online.

Ross Cowan, Director: Body Transformation Academy
James Gale, Founder: Core Nutrition
Dan Knowlton, Co founder: KPS Digital Marketing


9.30 AM Welcome & Intro

10.00 AM Healthy Breakfast By Core Meals

10.15 AM Get your breakfast waffle by James

10.30 AM High energy chat from Ross

10.45 AM Business domination from Dan