Turning digital tools into dollars
We are excited to bring to you a series of events that we have curated from our partner network of coworking spaces.In this session, we cover the top three tools to help most small businesses: Google Analytics, Google My Business, and CRMs. Areas of learning: why use Google, Basics of SEO, how to use analytics to improve sales...even when overwhelmed by tech.
Amy Graves, owner of AMG Innovative Consultants Inc., is on a mission to help small businesses use technology and numbers to drive traffic to a physical location or online.
Amy started working in retail in 1997. The first 5 stores she managed saw a combined increase of $25 million in sales. Her secret is understanding data plus human behavior.
Amy is a certified business analyst through UC-Davis. She is also Google Analytics certified.**You will be required to create a free community
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is hosted by ROWAN TREE.